Winter, like joy, is an ice-cube a-buoy
On a fractious and tropical storm
Chipped adrift from the Pole, it dissolves with each roll
We need ice to reflect that we’re warm

With intemperate, slow, wilful steps though deep snow
Know adversity also can nourish
With the blizzard's jewelled breaths we’re reminded that death's wing
Can give a magnanimous flourish

When the air is a blade, when black soil repels spade
When you’re scourged by the wind to seek cover
Pull a cork, kindle logs, you escaped winter's dogs
Twine your limbs in the glow of a lover

Every kiss brings the thaw to a cubit or more
Of the permafrost tundra of graves
Lips, swiving and sweat, the best antidote yet
To hold joyful through winter's cruel waves