Winter, like grief
An inevitable vale
I will return from
Never knowing how
I wasn't smothered
In the drift

It has incipience
Like loss, which
Even as we celebrate
Our selves' radiance
Even then
Winter paws the stoop
Etches windows with its mock
All blazes temporary

It shapes itself:
A swift
Pike-killing frost
Or, leisurely
Flake by flake
It calcifies hearts

Like mortality
Don't hate it less
Because its only
Part of the order of the things
And how they are
But scorn
This bloodless anaesthetist
That beglimmers suburbs
Enchants guttering
With zircon stalagtites
Makes dragons of us
Enraptures flood-plains in opiate swathes
And sets its glass upon the water as
An easy-shattered threshold
To the unendurable