'How can you keep those honey lips
From kissing?'
She laughed, forgot to wonder
He knew her name

His paws danced with impatience
From one hollow, frozen footprint
To another
'But I shouldn’t be talking to you,'
She said

'Mum says you’re vermin.
Dad, too.'
Reynardine brewed rage but poured
A smile

'Are you so obedient?' He asked
And placed a paw upon her hip
It felt like a man's hand
The warmth wide as a shovel
Across her thigh

And the mud became
Insolvent, piled itself
Into a mound beneath
Around and upon

It thumbed itself
Into handsome contours
And the hand on Janey was a man's:

In half-buttoned shirt
Bootless. 'Now I see
How red your lips are'
And his smile was stronger