Not Everyone Gets a Sequel

I wish I was a Catholic before the reformation
I’d not be scared, for my family’s prayers
Would speed my soul’s elation

I wish I was olde-Egyptian, a pharaoh or a slave
For when I died, I’d not have cried
Life’s hectic, beyond the grave

I wish I was a Hindu, riding the mighty wheel
After each little death and a quick pause for a breath
Straight back to the world I’d steal

I wish I was a Muslim, hearing the Muezzin’s call
I’d enter that garden, all joyful and pardoned
And forget what was back o’er the wall

I wish I was a new-ager, with crystals all over the floor
And beliefs not too tough, and just vague enough
Not to frighten, but reassure

But I’m a reluctant atheist, no God ever touched me at all
At the road’s end I see there’s no runway for me
But a sheer, non-negotiable wall