HIStory was invented,
Or so it seems to me
Sometime in 1995:
Michael Jackson’s ninth LP

Nine producers, $30 million
Spent by Sony Corp
The video for Scream
Was costly as a drawn-out war

This fleet-foot, noble innocent
Employed great taste and pelf:
Along the Thames he sailed a
Mighty statue of himself

Ten metres tall, of real fake bronze
Over 1,000 kilos
More beautiful, and better armed
Than ten Venus de Milos

‘Tween Parliament and Charing Cross
Two histories did entwine
When Jackson’s statue passed close by
An ancestor of mine

In stately robes, of noble mien
Inscribed not with his fall
South Africa’s Commissioner
In pomp: ignored by all

Did a brazen eyebrow curl
As Jackson drifted near?
Did this ermined Imperialist
Feel scorn, disinterest, fear?