The local lord, a pompous sort
A crafted snowball threw
The schoolmaster, the bagpipe-man
All joined the mobbing crew

The bagpipe man did break his reed
Upon the stranger's crownbr
Which caused the moderate magistrate
To chase him from the town

The stranger cried out, gnomically
"This fisher did offend
The noble freedom from assault
That guards all fishermen."

"I've hounded his from town to town
And at each place of stopping
He drubs each monger's fishy wares
With crude and ceaseless mocking."

And in reply a cry went up
As from a box of chickens
"Then catch a fish your rotten self
Before you prod his pickings.

The stranger gave an onerous grin
He raised an eyebrow high
"You're all too kind, too lame, too blind
Each other's fish to fry."

Just then another stranger came
A-skidding 'cross the field
"I quite agree with this fine gent,"
He said, "You must all yield…