Kim Gilchrist studied Drama & Theatre Arts at Goldsmiths College, London. He has written several novels, a screenplay and is currently developing two plays for the stage. His poetry has appeared in a recent anthology published by the Guardian newspaper and his short stories in Smoke magazine. He has co-directed several theatre productions, including Macbeth and Othello, for which he also composed songs and music.

His fiction takes in a wide range of characters and moods, from Opium War-era China to 70s rock tours, but always seeks to describe encounters between mundane life and the miraculous. Alongside the usual suspects, Kim’s influences included Gunter Grass, Michael Moorcock and Cervantes. A voracious reader and cinephile, current favourite films include Spirit of the Beehive, I’m Not There and Les Enfants du Paradis. To relax, he sings in a heavy metal band.